Forget Your Pops , You Can Call Me Daddy .

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That’s just an extension of the idea that “White is better”.

I understand straightening it sometimes, wearin’ some Yaki to have somethin’ new going on. But, chemically removing something that represents your heritage? Nah… I’m not down with that.

Some of you may not be able to “follow” me with…

wait but what if it isn’t even them trying to resemble a white woman, native americans have straight flowy hair, indians too.

…. Can you name a native american that you’ve seen in the media Gabby? lol. It’s the same thing it’s always been. And it’s not like I’m not “OMG IF YOU STRAIGHTEN YOUR HAIR YOU’RE A DISGRACE TO BLACK PEOPLE”. I’m just sayin’. Since blacks CAME to America, we were told we aren’t acceptable, and we were treated as such. And as time continues, that racism never went anywhere. It’s just a lot more subtle, a lot less IN YOUR FACE.

Pocahontas, but to be honest I’ve never heard of anything like this. Every black girl I know, relaxes or perms their hair because it’s easier to  manage. Like you pointed out above, most want to resemble beyonce, rihanna, alicia keys, christina milian, ethnic ladies portrayed in hollywood with crazy hair styles. They want to be sexy. Nappy hair… there’s not much you can do with that shit. TBH if it’s nappy, that shits nappy like some people can’t even force it into a ponytail. I’ve never heard a black person say I want to resemble someone white or it’s more acceptable. Well fuck yeah straighter hair is gonna look cleaner than a brillow pad head. Naps vs curls. If someone has curly hair naturally then I can see your point, but naps is just hard to even deal with at times. Some may also just want a different look. The same thing all day everyday gets boring. I am just saying. 

Hi! <3 

Well, I don’t necessarily think that relaxing your hair is trying to be white. But, @blasianxbri you have really pretty hair. Not saying that African American women don’t, just saying that when you get a weave, when you relax your hair…it’s easier to maintain and looks healthier (although it might not be). I think African American women are beautiful with or with out the hair. But, at the end of the day I think it’s completely up to the person. 

Also, a lot of African American women’s hair doesn’t grow as quickly as someone white. So, I think using relaxers and using weave is a good tool. 

Women are beautiful with or with out the relaxer. <3 

Stay flawless. 

Im not black but i am always asked whats my race because I have “good hair & dark skin”. I am a hairdresser & dont condone relaxers but I thinks its ignorant to say that they are trying to be white. I love changing up my looks with and without weaves & it doesnt change who i am ! just because someone chooses to look a certain way that doesnt define who they are… If you judge someone because their hair is permed then you are an ignorant fuck who doesnt deserve eyes !!

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love her pants/heels &lt;3
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